Looks Different. Smells Different. Is Different.

1) Feeds Nitrifying bacteria, Corals & Fish
2) 3-3000 Micron Size 
3) Keeps your tank clean & clear
4) Patent Pending Probiotic Formula
5) Grows, Colors and regenerates corals
6) Maximizes nutrient absorption
7) High Quality Proteins From Selected Sources
8) Will not overload your nutrients

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I have feed a lot of different coral specific foods over my 20+ years of reefing.

Nothing has come even close to polyp extension, color and growth I have ever seen in any of my tanks.

My 90 gal SPS dominant tank loves this stuff. My LPS and Zoas also react and feed when I broadcast feed the tank. I have been solely feeding the Benereef since November 2016 for my corals. The color and growth are nothing short of amazing. This is one of those products you have to give it a try. Happy reefing!

Dennis W.

Over the years, we have tried every product out there with minimal improvements and really just stopped using them altogether.

Benepets is a local company to us and we were introduced to them at one of the local trade shows.

They gave us a free sample and we were blown away by the results.  It is the best feeding response we’ve ever seen.

Not only that, the health and color of our corals improved considerable.  The growth rate with our corals was something we never thought was possible. 

Jared Butler, Rocky Mountain Frags

"We have been using Benepets Reef Food in our systems for more than 6 months now. 

Benepets is different than other coral foods.

We can feed heavily without getting algae. We're very happy with growth and color as well as the overall health of the entire system. It's even helped the acros. "

Josh Newsom, Dynasty Corals

I haven't spot-fed my Goni since starting to feed with Benepets Reef food. I must say it's still looking just as happy as the first time I broadcast-fed my tank with their reef powder.

Paul B.

What Guides us

Friends with Benepets

Benepets is dedicated to helping the community and loves reaching out to make new connections.

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Environmental Impact

Benepets understands how important it is to preserve and maintain the natural resources available to us. 

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Powered by Science

The special formula in Benepets was designed by marine biologists for unbelievable results.

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