Review: Grandpa Jorge

   I met Jeremy this weekend at the Show in Anaheim at Reefapolooza and I just wanted to share how excited I am about your Reef Food. Why?  Well, it started a while back when I began to purchase Acropora’s . Having done my research, I quickly learned that outside of stability, Alkalinity plays a crucial role in the health of the Acropora's (SPS), as some of there species are some of the hardest to keep alive, let alone grow or color up. So long story short after having leveled and maintained a healthy Alkalinity level I noticed my Scoly’s quickly fatten up and look healthier then ever! (See pic #1 below from about 3 months ago) 

   Fast forward to about 2 months ago, I noticed that a couple of my tangs had been picking and moving my Scoly’s making them stress...etc.  (see below)

So I proceeded to epoxy the Scoly’s  to different areas of a section I have cut out for them in my 150 G  tank  in order to avoid having the fish move them around (see pic #2 below)

   All went well until I started noticing the health deteriorating of a couple of Scolys, one in particular, that I had placed directly on my main rock in the middle of the tank. (see pic #3 below). I couldn’t understand why it was not doing very well. Water changes ,levels, feeding,lighting, etc all remained the same, until  it dawned on me that maybe it wasn't getting enough food (because of it's new location) . So I continued feeding them reefroids and coral freenzie but making an emphasis on target feeding the sick one.

  I did this for a couple of weeks but nothing changed, body still sunken in, grooves of skeleton visible and with mouth wide open, I feared the worst. See pic below. (Please excuse the poor picture quality, its a screenshot actually taken from a video I shot the morning of Saturday October 7th 2017  before heading to Reefapolooza. I remember sharing this video with Jeremy and his crew at the show) 

  A couple of nights after the reefapolooza show in Anaheim I woke up around 2:00 am and was not able to go back to sleep, so I got up and went to check on the corals, ( I love to see the Acroporas and their extensions out, especially at night and I like to feed them, Scoly’s are usually wide open as well). I was reaching for the usual food when I remembered I had purchased Benepets Reef Food at the show with Jeremy, so I went thru my backpack, found the container, read the instructions and said to myself what the heck, let’s give it a try. I fed them as I usually do, turned off the fans and slowly target fed my corals so as not to startle them, and eventually put everything away and went back to sleep.

   Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon of that same day (12 hours later) after I came home from work and quite honestly not even remembering that I had fed them the night before (in other words just checking my tank and its inhabitants as I usually do) I noticed that the Scoly that was sick, was now plump and looking better than it had been in almost 2 months!  I was amazed! I thought to myself, and wondered what parameter or thing changed in my tank to have this happen?.. and then I remembered the NEW FISH FOOD …..BENEPETS!!!!!    

   Just wanted to say thank you, and I look forward to watching my tank flourish with Benepets Reef Food. I will keep you posted as my tank continues to progress. That picture was from yesterday and today it is exactly the same happy and plump.I will try some experiments with my zoas(how quickly they multiply) in the near future and see what a difference the food makes as well as when I frag some mushrooms and see how quickly they recover under the same conditions with different foods. 

   Benepets Reef Food...
Grandpa Jorge Approved!