About Us

BenePets is a cutting-edge greentech company dedicated to improving the quality of life for pets and the people who love them by bringing trusted, innovative, natural products to market. Our proprietary products offer a combination of live food, a treatment for infected animals, and a way to bolster the immune system, combined in one product! Benepets owns and operates a food production company as well as a commercial wholesale/retail store in Murray, Utah. Over the past 3 yrs Benepets has invested a lot of time and money in R&D on our innovative feeding methods for the industry. As a result of our efforts we have produced two patent pending filings for our Probiotic engineered live feed process which include but not limited to Live Blackworms and another for our formula for our flagship reef food product called Benereef. These innovative products will bolster immunity, vitamin uptake, parasite control, and bring out the true natural vibrancy in fish, coral, reptiles, birds and other small animals as pets, as breeding stock and as domestically-raised food. Our pioneering ideas could significantly change the way plants and animals are kept and truly allow them to prosper. At this time we have our flag ship product Benereef which hit the market in December 2015 along with many other products already in the R&D development stages.