Friends With Benepets

What started out as a home- based experimental business has become a much larger venture with the potential to revolutionize the pet food industry. It is the mission of our company to continue to learn and grow together with our fellow hobbyists. We want everyone to have the chance to use our products to make the maintenance of their tanks easier and more enjoyable. Success is never final and we are on a never ending quest to improve the quality of life for pets, their environments and the people who love them through sound science based research.

We are so proud and excited to be a part of this amazing community of people. We have a wonderful team who love this hobby. These past four years have been a wonderful journey for us. We have developed some very strong friendships with many local and out of state people who, like us share a passion for this hobby. It’s these people who have given us the strength and determination to continue to strive for excellence. We have learned so much from each one of our friends in this industry that we honestly would not be here without them. We truly are proud to call them friends with Benepets!! We look forward to the next four years and are excited to build new relationships with many more of you in this industry!

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